Nandha GNU/Linux Users Group is moving ahead in FOSS

Today, In Nandha Engineering college, We(The NGLUG members) spoke with the third year junior members belonging to CSE department and we taught them how to install Linux. We had 130 students at this day and we got them Install Ubuntu by themselves in college machines.

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windows loader is missing from the grub list at startup

Today, While I was in the Ubuntu beginners channel, A newbie came and asked help about the grub. Let me list the problem as follows.

He said,”i uninstalled all but the most recent kernel. but still windows loader is missing from the grup list at startup. what can i do?”

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Two days FOSS Workshop at National Engineering College

I returned back From Kovilpatti and let me share some notables that were held at the FOSS meet arranged there.

It, actually, is a remote area and we got about 150 people turned out for that FOSS meet and all people are ready to do whatever they can for the Open source.

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New python Blog

I started a new Python Blog at

I am going to make it get better with information for making newbies to learn python

Just altered the view of my desktop

Hmmm. I think I had just edited the view of my desktop. that is good and any suggestions are welcome 🙂

Thinking about PHP life

Today I was speaking with a journalist in Hindu, running his own website managing company.
We were talking for about 3 hours but i never felt boring. I think the workshop That Me and Akkash
conducting under the guidance of FSFTN will be of great success. Already 320 registered on-line and 25 by voice.
I am looking forward to get BT membership. Who knows. Lets hope for the best 😉

Ubuntu 10.04 Post-Install Guide: What to do and try after installing Lucid Lynx!

Now that you’ve installed Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx, a kickass GNU+Linux based free desktop operating system, there’s a lot of fun stuff waiting for you to try! This guide lists good things to do after installing Ubuntu, explains new concepts for beginners, and doubles as a very complete list of great software to use aimed at Ubuntu’s GNOME desktop environment.

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