Zenix- an Ubuntu remix

Zenix is an Ubuntu remix with several goals:

1) Community – We would like to continue the tradition of an Ubuntu “Buddhist Edition”. This is achieved primarily via themes and the inclusion of Buddhist Bookmarks in Firefox. The Buddhist content is “soft” and for non-Buddhists should be non-intrusive.

2) Security – Zenix includes an active firewall (iptables configured with GUFW) and AppArmor is configured out of the box (with custom profiles for network aware applications).

3) Compatibility with Ubuntu – Zenix uses the standard Ubuntu repositories and we hope to release Zenix in sync with Ubuntu.


  1. Zenix uses 1.5 GB of hard drive space.
  2. Ram :
    • XFCE uses about 115 MB RAM
    • Fluxbox uses about 85 MB RAM

The 32 bit version uses the PAE Kernel and so Zenix should recognize up to 64 GB of RAM (assuming it is supported by your motherboard).

Downlaod10.05 Alpha version here

for more information view zenix main page.
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