windows loader is missing from the grub list at startup

Today, While I was in the Ubuntu beginners channel, A newbie came and asked help about the grub. Let me list the problem as follows.

He said,”i uninstalled all but the most recent kernel. but still windows loader is missing from the grup list at startup. what can i do?”

I asked him to open up terminal and type sudo fdisk -l

He pasted the link

On seeing that I found that he was having two  hard disks. Then at that time forestpixie (Aka) hoboglobin came and asked him to do “sudo update-grub”

The person replied that the code has no use with his problem.

Then we two suggested him to do in a terminal run    sudo os-prober

He said no effect.

Then Hob said to open a file for editing – run this command     gksudo gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom

copy this stuff into the file, save it and close gedit.

then run sudo update-grub again

But that has no effect too. Still we are trying to find the solution………

and finally we redirected him here


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