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Just altered the view of my desktop

Hmmm. I think I had just edited the view of my desktop. that is good and any suggestions are welcome 🙂


Thinking about PHP life

Today I was speaking with a journalist in Hindu, running his own website managing company.
We were talking for about 3 hours but i never felt boring. I think the workshop That Me and Akkash
conducting under the guidance of FSFTN will be of great success. Already 320 registered on-line and 25 by voice.
I am looking forward to get BT membership. Who knows. Lets hope for the best 😉

Ubuntu 10.04 Post-Install Guide: What to do and try after installing Lucid Lynx!

Now that you’ve installed Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx, a kickass GNU+Linux based free desktop operating system, there’s a lot of fun stuff waiting for you to try! This guide lists good things to do after installing Ubuntu, explains new concepts for beginners, and doubles as a very complete list of great software to use aimed at Ubuntu’s GNOME desktop environment.

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